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Quick introduction to data analysis

Quick introduction to data analysis with R The aim of this lecture is to give a very short overview on how to do data analysis with R. It does not replace our in-depth courses such as R as a programming language and Basic statistics with R. Instructor: András Aszódi. Target audience This lecture is presented […]

CBE HPC cluster introduction

CBE HPC cluster introduction This course provides an introduction to the CBE ("CLIP Batch Environment") high-performance computing cluster which is part of the Vienna Biocenter Cloud Infrastructure Project. Instructor: András Aszódi. Topics Introduction to the cluster: architecture, storage layout, access. Environment modules. Batch mode: SLURM queuing system, job scripts. Job arrays, task arrays, MPI jobs. […]

UNIX command line

UNIX command line This course introduces the UNIX command line on a Linux or Mac. It serves as a foundation of our Bash scripting and CBE HPC cluster introduction courses. The Regular expressions course also builds on UNIX command line knowledge. Instructor: András Aszódi. Topics UNIX overview: general principles. Working with files and directories. Users, […]

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