UNIX command line

UNIX command line This course introduces the UNIX command line on a Linux or Mac. It serves as a foundation of our Bash scripting and CBE HPC cluster introduction courses. Instructor: András Aszódi. Topics UNIX overview: general principles. Working with files and directories. Users, groups, permissions, environment variables. Command pipelines, job control. Out of scope […]

Bash scripting

Bash scripting This course teaches you how to write Bash shell scripts. It is aimed at colleagues who plan to work with UNIX-like operating systems including (but not limited to) HPC clusters. Instructor: András Aszódi. Topics Basics: variables, arrays, shell arithmetics. Flow control: logical decisions, iteration loops. Modularity: Bash functions. File path manipulations. Command-line argument […]

CBE HPC cluster introduction

CBE HPC cluster introduction This course provides an introduction to the CBE ("CLIP Batch Environment") high-performance computing cluster. Instructor: András Aszódi. Number of participants: minimum 5, maximum 10. Topics and schedule Length: The course takes four hours with two short breaks. Topics: Introduction to the cluster: architecture, storage layout, access. Work environment setup using modules. […]

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